Best 1337x Proxy Site List Which still works in 2022 [Working 1337x Mirrors & Proxy Sites]

Torrenting has become popular over the past few years like never before and that has given rise to the number of torrent sites. Everyone loves to watch movies and nowadays seldom does a person have the time to go to the movie theatre to watch a movie. That is the reason why people have started depending on torrents to get their entertainment needs fulfilled. 

There are numerous torrent sites which are there in the market but not all of them are safe to use because of the use of malware and illegitimate content. This post is going to take you through the details of 1337x so read ahead. 

About 1337x 

Similar Websites Like 1337x And Alternatives

1337x is a webpage and it is quite famous because it provides several digital shows, films, games, etc. But nowadays due to government protocols, many torrents webpages are getting blocked by the government. But this webpage is very useful as it shares huge files over the internet. If you want to surf 1337 with any unblock page then a person can use the proxy sites. 

The Torrent Freak also said that the site is the 3rd most famous website which is featured in 2022. It is completely based on technologies such as the Percona database, PSP, etc., and is using the server called Nginx. It is very helpful for numerous users as they frequently use the website. The user surf these websites basically to download games, movies, any digital shows for their entertainment.

But this website is illegal and many countries have also banned the website for any further use, so people can use the website by generating the VPN code. It is still popular for its users because they are using it on a huge basis. The URL code is also changed to 1337x so that it can handle all the illegal activities. But in our country India, the government has taken several actions to prohibit the illegal website which contains application and films. 

1337x is the most trusted website and it is admired by the users and all the Torrent users as well. It is also a very good alternative to transfer all the files. All these files are also prepared to access on any internet platform which only requires a VP code to use. Thus is the best alternative which contains many torrent sites for downloading digital shows, movies, games, etc.

What is a proxy site? 

A proxy site is laptop or computer software with the internet which has a personal IP address, thus it can act all the processes between the internet and computer. Thus a person’s laptop will know the address and while sending a request on the internet then it is called proxy which is getting the response from the server and thus forwarding all the data from the page to one’s computer like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

A proxy site can play the role of any intermediary orders from the users who are taking help from any other servers. But when a person surfs it from 1337x with a proxy server then they cannot see that the proxy server is depending on 1337x data and is reaching you. The website also requires users’ login id as well as registration, thus any user can register and log in to the website. It also allows registered users to upload a different kind of file. When a laptop connects to the internet then it requires the IP code or address, which is very similar to the home address.

List of Proxy Sites: 

Let us take a look at some of the most reliable proxy sites which still work in 2022

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is a very well-known site and has been on the list in some of the other forms for so long. It is regarded as one of the most well-known sites uses to download torrents and includes a feature that enables you to check the trustworthiness of a planter. The search engine can work smoothly and uploads can be availed for almost all newly released content. 

People might find it a little troubling to access this site because it keeps moving but once this site is used, one can download everything they have been looking for. It is advised to make use of planters as it is a very good symbol of the content being safe and ensures that you are safe from dangerous malware attacks. 

2. Lime Torrents 


Lime Torrents is one such option that can be the best one for those who want legal torrents. The site owns a huge database that is regularly updated with new content and legal torrents are also the biggest on the internet in the present times. It is even regarded as one of the best torrents for songs. 

As the website offers detailed information regarding the content, it can quickly determine whether it is worth the download or not. You can also see the number of leechers and planters that are there with a site. All files consist of a health meter for helping you in the prevention of content with high risks. It is one of the most recommended sites because of the options that are offered. 

3. Torlock


Torlock is another reliable website for the ones who want to stay away from fake Torrent sites. The website can be navigated very easily and it has a large database of content that can be downloaded by following very simple steps. You can also find a list that includes the Top 100 in which you can find some of the most trending content that is in the market presently. 

Another reason why Torlock is widely loved by people is that it pays $1 to its users for each fake Torrent that is found on the website. As per the website, they are having more than 5 million torrents that are legal and verified and that will make sure you can get exactly what you have been searching for. 

4. Torrent Downloads

Torrent Downloads

Torrent Downloads is also a website that can provide you high-quality torrents which are not very elaborate and rightly concise. There is an information page on this website that is simple to access and with a huge database; it becomes really easy to discover anything you want. All the information can be seen on every torrent that is chosen. If someone wants to search for book torrents, this website will be the right choice. 

Also, the website is inclusive of a separate comment section and enables users to give a rating to the torrents after the download is complete. This makes it very easy to prevent the dangerous illegitimate torrents and helping the community to discover what they want. It is one of the most trusted options for those who are looking for trusted torrents. 

5. Torrent Funk

Torrent Funk

The next proxy site that we are going to talk about is Torrents Funk. It is also very popular amongst the users and is the same as some of the top-notch options mentioned in this list. It mainly consists of legal torrents and has a very limited about of malware.

 Though, the database is not exceptionally vast and is similar to that of many other sites. No matter what you do, the downloaded content from this site will be verified and of high quality. It is a widely preferred proxy site because of the features that it offers. It is also easy to access which means you don’t have to follow too many steps for getting access to it on your device. 

6. Nyaa.Si


Nyaa.Si is a very well-known torrent website that is mostly popular for Anime content which is offered by the website. It is highly reputed due to the reliable quality of content and the downloads which makes sure that you get whatever you are searching for without taking up many hassles. However, this website offers a few pop ads that might disturb you in middle. 

It is an extremely popular website that is loved by many users worldwide. It is very easy to access too. With a vast database, it stands apart from the rest due to many reasons. You can use this proxy site to download the torrent of anything you are looking for. 

7. Your BitTorrent

Your BitTorrent

For those who are using Bit Torrent for the first time, this is the best way of getting into the plethora of things. It has an easy user interface, can be downloaded easily, and discovering what you are searching for. The easy interface is one of the most important reasons why it is chosen by people and also recommended. 

This is also a very good option for those who enjoy watching movies through torrent links. The database of this website is huge and it can provide you with everything you have been looking for. There are very simple steps that one needs to follow for getting access to this site. It can be regarded as one of the best alternative proxy sites for 1337x.



If you are someone who loves to watch movies, particularly the latest ones, then this one is going to be the best site to go for. It mainly focuses on movies of different categories and also features a huge database that will make sure that you find what you want. These torrents are easily supported by your bandwidth too. 

The user base of this website is massive and the users are very genuine which makes sure that the website doesn’t feature fake torrent sites at all. 



This is also a very effective proxy site for 1337x which is used by numerous people across the world. There is just one drawback of this website which is that it can go down sometimes but generally, it offers exceptionally good features and a vast database.

You can get access to the website very easily and there are no complex steps that need to be followed. You are going to find whatever you have been looking for on this website. It comprises completely legal and very high-quality torrents. 

10. 7tor


The last proxy site that we are going to talk about here is 7tor. It is an exceptionally good proxy site that can provide you with a lot of advantages. It has a huge database as well as a massive user base with genuine users from different countries in the world. You can certainly use the website if you love to watch movies and other content. 

This website provides brief information about every single content that you watch here. The torrents featured here are completely genuine and legal. You need to worry about any risks associated with using this proxy site. 



1. Are these proxy sites safe to use?

All of these proxy sites are safe to use. Most of them are free from any malware content and they consist of only legitimate torrents. 

2. Which site is the best mirror site for 1337x?

All the above-mentioned sites are reliable mirror sites for 1337x and you can use any one of these sites without having to worry about any threat or risk. 

3. Can you access these sites for free?

All these proxy sites are free to use and you don’t have to pay any additional charges to access them. 


This was a list of some of the reliable proxy sites of 1337x which still work in 2022. All of these sites are very trustworthy and easy to use. You can get access to them with just a few very simple steps. There are many sites of the same kind but some of the notable ones have been mentioned above in this post with a brief description. You can use any one of these sites to watch any movie you want. These sites not just offer movie torrents but also some songs and book torrents so you are surely going to find your desired torrent on these sites.